AHF Bylaws Vote

The Board of Directors approved current president, Dave Reeves, and president-elect, Martha Rardin, to attend Exceptional Board training as presented by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). At the meeting our leaders learned about Association best practices and emerging trends in Board governance and management. Our bylaws are to be reviewed on a regular basis and should be as simple as possible with an effective policy and procedure manual to allow the Board to function at a high level. This allows the ability to adjust to changing trends and environments.

A thorough review of the bylaws was undertaken and directed by Martha Rardin, president-elect. The proposed bylaws have been reviewed and approved by legal counsel and have been approved by the board of directors. A webinar to discuss the proposed bylaws was held on July 12th and was open to all AHF membership. You can view the webinar HERE.

Once voting is complete and if approved, work will commence on updating our policy and procedure manual. Many items were removed from the bylaws but will be inserted in the policy and procedure manual. This will allow for modernization according to ASAE guidelines as well as allow our organization to be more flexible to trends and changes to our association.

The bylaws for the Association of Healthcare Foodservice is now presented to our members for your review and vote

AHF Bylaws  |  2018 Proposed Bylaws  |  AHF Bylaws Crosswalk 


While bylaws are not an exciting topic they are an important tool for your AHF Board of Directors and for our organization as a whole. Bylaws are a roadmap as to how we conduct business and work to represent members. AHF’s bylaws have been amended in the past but it has been several years since a complete review was accomplished.

Voting will be open from Monday, August 13th to Wednesday, August 29th.

Thank you for taking time to review our bylaws and for yourvote!

David Reeves                     Martha Rardin
AHF President                   AHF President-Elect

For those of you that have voted:
 If you would like to amend your vote after reviewing these new documents, please contact Sarah Bennett (703-245-8001 or sbennett@healthcarefoodservice.org) know and she will update your vote.