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Tim Gee, CEC

Executive Chef Food and Nutrition Services
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Joined MSKCC December 2016

Tim Gee, Executive Chef at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer in Manhattan, NY, oversees a team of 45 kitchen workers in a room service based operation which recently received a 99th percentile Press Ganey patient satisfaction “Meals” rating among teaching hospitals with 450+ beds. MSK’s mission is to provide excellent food, enhanced nutrition care, and exceptional hospitality. Approximately 5,000 meals are prepared each day: 3,000 retail, 1,000 catered, and 1,000 patient. Eighty-five percent of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s patient meals are made-to-order; from order to room takes no more than one hour. A series of dumb-waiters carry trays up to patient care units where Room Service Associates deliver the meals to each room.

Tim initiated the “WiseStop Program” for customers which creates a healthy food environment by making the healthy choice the clear choice. Foods available for purchase are placed on the spectrum from healthy to least healthy – green labels indicate healthy, yellow less healthy, and red least healthy. Foods are evaluated based on cooking method, nutrition content, and balance of meal such as including whole grain and vegetable.

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Tim also started the MSK Gold Star Chefs program for his culinary team. This program offers training in culinary techniques, herb growing, and sous vide, as well as focusing on a cutting edge room service menu, sustainability, and farm to table. Sanitation and food safety are equally important and recently a gluten-free area was created in the kitchen to avoid any possible cross-contamination.

I am an AHF member because...

Through collaborative relationships not only with the fellow AHF Chefs but everyone who is a part of AHF I am able to not only push the food culture forward in my own operation but also assist in being a part of a nationwide movement to exceed expectations.

Why do you like attending national conference? 

Conference is such a great opportunity to connect with other members throughout the country and share best practices. These relationships last for years, we can inspire and support each other when needed.

Can you tell us about your recent renovations and what's next in the queue? When will they finally be completed?

So far we have renovated two thirds of our cooking area in the kitchen. This includes our large production, retail production and prep area. In our prep area I focused on the clean look and efficiency that I saw in a top restaurant in Chicago, that was progressive, and innovative. We strive to deliver the same type of positive customer experience here at MSK that exceeds expectations. Our final stage will begin in Q3 this year and that will be the renovation of our room service suite. With my lean six sigma background I designed a suite that will perform with maximum efficiency and help my cooks deliver superior products for our patients.

Outside of our kitchen we are also revamping our remote chefs station into a Mediterranean station with a focus on the Mediterranean diet as well as organic, vegan and plant based foods.

What are your hobbies outside the kitchen? 

I am all about the beach. My wife, kids and I always are there every weekend when its nice out. I had moved away and was living outside Philly for a period of time but during the aftermath of hurricane Sandy I was working with some relief organizations restoring houses and I knew I had to come back to the shore. That is my happy place.