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Joanne McMillian, MBA, RD
Director of Food and Nutrition
Saint Clare’s Health
Joined Saint Clare’s February 2003


I am an AHF member because...

First and foremost, I enjoy the people and the great friends I’ve made. Plus, I get to learn from very talented food and health professionals from around the country. I have found all AHF members are very open and helpful. Anyone in the organization is only a phone call or email away. Being an AHF member challenges me to grow within my profession. I’m constantly exposed to best-in-class practices that I can bring to my organization.

Why do you go to the AHF Conference every year?

I have a great time! I enjoy the fun networking events and re-connecting face-to-face with other members and vendors. Plus, I find the sessions and workshops to be inspiring and informative. The culinary competition is one of my favorite events at the conference. I enjoy the excitement and creativity whether being on the stage or in the audience. [Joanne McMillian – two bronze medals, one gold medal]. Since I’m fortunate to be the treasurer this year, I’ve been involved with the planning for this year’s conference. It promises to be the BEST CONFERENCE yet!

Briefly tell us what an average day at Saint Clare's is like for you.

Every day is different. Thankfully, I work with a great group of talented and dedicated professionals. Throughout each day we combine teamwork and creative problem solving in the areas of food production, patient experience, and staffing.

What's your biggest challenge there? 

Working with kitchens built in the 50’s and 60’s and the capital needs to replace aging equipment.

Briefly, tell us about your facility's remodel.

Wishful thinking! We did some inexpensive rearranging of equipment when we moved to a room service model but nothing extensive. My dream would be new kitchens and cafeterias.

Many AHF members may not be aware that you play the drums. How big is your kit? 

I have a 5-piece second-hand drum set that I purchased from my first drum teacher. They are Ludwig drums with Zildjian cymbals.

Who is/are your main influences? How often do you get to practice? Are you looking to play in a band?

When I learned enough of the fundamentals to learn a song, I started with Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks”.  That is when I became familiar with John Bonham and how his unique use of bass triplets really spiced up the rhythm of their songs. I take weekly lessons. I particularly enjoy playing after a challenging day at work, I remember a long practice session when the Joint Commission was here for an inspection last year. At this time, I’m not looking to join a band. I enjoy playing along with recorded music from 60’s, 70’s & 80’s in my drum studio which overlooks Crooked Creek.