Concurrent Education

Time: 11:15am – 12:15pm
Four Concurrent Educational Sessions

Educational Session #1

Career Transition- Moving from Team Member to Team Leader


Joanne McMillian Annemarie Vaupel

Session will be an interactive case study exploring the world of ColorTech Greenhouses, Inc. Join us as we watch Melissa Richardson navigate the process of moving from team member to team leader. Melissa will face some of the most challenging management dilemmas including managing a diverse workforce, learning how to motivate, establishing performance expectations and learning how to develop an effective organization.  The group will share their own experiences and gain valuable insights on the transition from individual contributor to team leader.

Educational Session #2

Advantage AHF: Inside Strategies for Navigating Contractor Tactics


Mark Toomey   Niles Gebele

Session will explore why the C-Suite, and the hospital Boards, are so frequently seduced by a contractor and share how contractors gain access, make their pitch, and sale. Learn how to frame and tell your self-op story for senior leaders.Presenters will discuss the importance of being: Proactive, confident and embracing what you do well. Take advantage of the latitude you enjoy as a self-op provider and leverage your status as an employee of your organization, seek ways to deliver more, innovative value, and secure support.

Education Session #3

Be the General not a Private in your Renovation


  • Joe Carbonara – Moderator
  • Lisa Gibson
  • Jim McGrody

General contractors oversee every aspect of a renovation project—they make sure each task, each trade group, each deadline, and every compliance issue is seamlessly managed. In other words, they’re just like Food Service Directors.Join us as we discuss how to draft a business plan for approval of a kitchen renovation; How to find and hire a kitchen design consultant; How to stay in operation during renovation; How to determine menu design and kitchen equipment requirements; And finally, we’ll dish on common mistakes, and showcase great design… as we share our “lessons learned”.

Education Session #4

Keeping your Brand Promise through Innovation and Execution

Presenter: Larry Gumina

The new generation of seniors want to maintain active, healthy lifestyles without the burden of home ownership. This shift allows seniors the flexibility of selecting life plan communities that match their needs. Your dining “Brand” is an important differentiator for the market you serve. Join the CEO of Ohio Living as he shares their re-branding strategy and their commitment to innovation and plan execution.


Time 2:15pm – 3:15pm
Four Concurrent Educational Sessions

Education Session #1

The 7 Transformational Rules of Employee Engagement

Presenter: Bruce Berlin

Looking for easy to implement steps for improving employee engagement tomorrow? You don’t need a big budget and these steps can work in any size operation. Attend this presentation to learn why improving employee engagement will reduce employee turnover, improve employee productivity, and drive better outcomes.

Education Session #2

Building a Brand Beyond your Logo

Presenter: Bill Anderson

Session will explore the definition of a brand and process branding—and why brand identity is so important. The presenter will discuss the methods of building, promoting and defending your brand. Class will consider examples of successful branding efforts, and explore how Operators can build and improve their own brands.



Education Session #3

The Culinary Bootcamp: Fundamentals for Healthcare Professionals


Connie Dickson      Mike Kasperek           Drew Patterson           John Graziano

Join other non-chef members as they learn “coddle, score, sweat, and toss” which ahave alternative meanings in the culinary world. The Culinary Bootcamp led by three Culinary Competition Finalists will impart some kitchen fundamentals, vis-à-vis knife skills, pan searing and sautéing techniques, and seasoning without salt. Attendees will take away prepared lesson-plans to share at their facilities, techniques they can carry with them on the job, and a new appreciation for their culinary team.

Education Session #4

Creative Cost Control

Presenter: David McCampbell

Do you feel like you are constantly being asked to show savings or increase operational efficiency? You are not alone. In this session we will offer creative ways to cut cost, increase efficiency and re-commit your team to operational excellence. In this session, you will receive cost savings insights in three important categories from "low hanging fruit" (minimal cost/effort) to the more complex aspects of space redesign or process change. Join us for this engaging and interactive session that is sure to inspire some new ideas!