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While we all aim at losing weight, we use different approaches which include diet pills, exercise and dieting. You can rely on one of these methods. However, a combination of them all will serve you better as I will illustrate in this article. There are Do’s and Don’ts when you want to lose weight. Let’s begin with the Dos.

Burn 250 calories and take 250 less calories

The most important thing that you should know before adopting this rule is that your body is naturally geared towards retaining calories. This means that while you are trying to shed some, the body will hold on to those calories.

Here are a few steps on how to accomplish this:

  •         Cut your calorie intake by 250. Eat small pieces of foods with calories. Aim at reducing your calorie intake by half of your normal intake.
  •         Make sure you burn an additional 250 calories. This may be in the gym. After these two steps, you will have 500 calories deficit in your body every day. This means that you will burn more calories than your intake.

If you follow these steps, in a week you will have 3500 calories deficit and you will be losing at least one pound of weight.

This process repeated for a month will prepare the body for a stronger weight loss method hence you can start using your weight pill.

Take non-stimulating metabolic boosters

Metabolism is the process your body uses to convert food into energy. By increasing your metabolism, you generally increase the conversion of your food leading to loss of weight eventually. Metabolism rate can be controlled, naturally and by using supplements.  However, you should be careful while using boosters as only the non-stimulating boosters will be helpful for your body. A non- stimulant booster is a substance that increases the rate of fat burning and also suppresses your appetite.

A plant extract known as fucoxanthin has been proved to activate uncoupling of protein-1. According to Japanese scientist in a publication entitled, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, fucoxanthin stimulates fat cells which in turn boost metabolism. A lot of research has been conducted on the same with samples of obese women taken and the conclusion made was that the extract promotes fat loss, raises your metabolism rate and your energy. You can read further about this research in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Tone and build your muscles

Building muscles will be necessary for your metabolism rate as they take up the excess calories produced by the body. You can build muscles through exercises. Plan to exercise twice or thrice a week, aiming at exercising your muscle group.

Inhibit the yo-yo diet enzyme

A yo-yo diet is one where you lose your weight through dieting and taking a weight loss pill but somehow the weight gets back to you and after a couple of months you repeat the process. This is not healthy living and may lead to higher chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease. You may also develop diabetes (Type 2).

One main reason for yo-yo dieting is lack of proper compliance to an expert’s advice about your diet.

Another reason why you may succumb to this type of dieting is glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme commonly referred to G3PD. G3PD converts blood glucose into fat. This means that when your calories intake is low, your body will activate G3PD enzyme. You will then gain weight since the G3PD enzyme will convert the sugar in your body to fat.  So, for you to prevent weight gain, you should inhibit the production of G3PD. One way to do that is by taking the African mango extract, between 150 -300 mg a day to inhibit this enzyme.

Get expert advice

Entering into an agreement with a doctor or a weight loss coach will help you keep in check. An expert should help you filter whatever information, suggestions or pills available in the market to narrow down to helpful substance that will help you maintain good health.

Now let us explore a few suggestions on what should not be on your list when you want to lose weight.

Do not take stimulants

Most metabolic boosters increase your heart rate, blood pressure and stimulate your brain. They do this by raising your metabolism by stimulating your nervous and cardiovascular system.  Any booster that contributes to the mentioned effects is bad for your health. Earlier on, on what you should do, we explored the metabolism rate dynamics and concluded that only non-stimulants are helpful for your body.

While we cannot explore all safe and unsafe substances for increasing your metabolism rate, here is an example of the helpful ones; Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Commonly found in products of meat and dairy, it increases your metabolism. It is advisable you take 2-4 grams per day according to the Nutrition journal.

Make sure you follow an expert’s procedure, do not craft yours

Follow carefully what diet pills, dieting and exercising suggestions you choose to follow. An expert develops a suggestion after conducting research, therefore, do everything that the participants were required to do, step by step as described by the researcher for the best results. For desired achievements follow exactly the advice and instructions of your trainer, doctor or expert.

Do not trust everything you see in the media

We all know that advertising is core for any business. This will apply to weight loss products too. Testimonials from people who allege that they have tried a diet pill is not a compelling reason for you to try. Take your time to conduct your own research, analyse information given critically and consult a doctor or a weight loss coach before settling for a pill.

Consistency is key

You will not achieve the desired achievements if you don’t take your prescription seriously. Do not skip any day.

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We all know that for us to win, discipline and hard work is required. Take your weight loss seriously and focus on achieving what you plan. You should take your weight loss pills at least for six months before giving up on it.