Self-Operated Project Team Releases New Resource: Making an Informed Decision About Outsourced Foodservice Operations

By Christin Swingle posted 12-01-2022 22:34


Making an Informed Decision About Outsourced Foodservice Operations

Updated: 2022

"Making an Informed Decision" is a ready resource developed by the AHF Self-Operated Project Committee to assist executives with tools to understand, analyze, and effectively evaluate outsourcing versus onsite operation as well as to compare multiple outsourced options.

The decision an administration makes should be one that suits the nature of its operation and financial situation, and one that takes into consideration both short-term needs and long-term goals. In addition, it remains imperative for healthcare facilities to summarize the risks they face, determine steps for improvement, and know the rewards that come with either decision. Transparency in operations for self-operation and contract management should always remain the goal.

Across the USA, 70-75% of hospital patient foodservice is self-operated. Executives considering self-operated foodservice may contact the AHF office for assistance with initiating a conversion to self-operated status. AHF tools are available for use during planning and transition. AHF's business partners are available to assist with consulting engagements to ensure successful self-operated statues as well as guidance on how to convert from contract to self-operation.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the AHF Self-Operated Project Team and download the 2022 Making an Informed Decision About Outsourced Foodservice Operations resource today.

The Self-Operated Support Program is designed to support, encourage, and engage facilities to be self-operated or stay self-operated. The committee develops resources, training materials, guides, documents, and more.