DM&A Sponsors AHF Webinar on Malnutrition Care

By Hillary Hutchins posted 21 days ago


AHF’s April webinar was sponsored and hosted by DM&A which focused on leveraging training, data and technology as it relates to malnutrition care. The panel of speakers included Michelle Mathura, RDN, LRD with DM&A, Margaret Dittloff, MS, RDN with Junum and Ashley Matthew, MS, RDN, LD, CNSC, PMP with Junum.

Speakers first provided an overview of hospital payment systems, medical billing and coding, and reimbursements. They discussed Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs), a system for providing reimbursement to hospitals based on projected or prospective utilization of resources and what that means for in the case of malnutrition.

They reviewed how in order for hospitals to bill for the treatment of malnutrition, a medical diagnosis by the medical provider must be accompanied by a plan on care that was implemented during hospitalization. This requires alignment between the dietician and the medical provider when providing care to the patient. By providing specific examples and detailed information they underlined the point that registered dieticians support revenue generation in the inpatient setting by providing the best and safest care to malnourished patients.   

Finally, speakers discussed how attendees could implement training, tools and technology to innovate the inpatient nutrition and the benefits that go along with operationalizing these practices.


AHF members can access a recording of this webinar online at AHF's Online Learning Center and be sure to look out for our upcoming monthly webinars and Coffee Talks on our website.