Knowledge is Key – July Webinar Focused on Understanding the Contractor Bid

By Hillary Hutchins posted 08-01-2022 09:40


The focus of AHF's July webinar was Understanding the Contractor Bid. Our speakers, Neal Lavender and Tim Schoonmaker, provided a comprehensive look at not only what is included in a contractor’s bid, but why organizations might consider outsourcing, as well as how you can take a proactive approach to defend your department from contractor intrusion.

Both Neal and Tim have held multiple positions at some of the leading contracting companies (prior to their current positions in self-operated organizations) allowing attendees to hear an insider’s perspective on some of the tools and strategies used by contractors. They discussed, in detail, how contractors approach leadership and build relationships by maintaining detailed profiles on key decision makers. They also discussed tactics that contractors use to gain valuable information about an organization before they approach leadership. By diving into the details of the sales strategies of contract companies, Neal and Tim helped attendees to better understand their contractor competition.

Knowing your team’s strengths, your successes and challenges, and being equipped with hard data about your department is essential, key points that were reiterated throughout the webinar. Having been through the contractor bid process both as a contractor and as self-operated department leaders, Neal and Tim laid out how operators should plan their approach when responding to a bid. This included undergoing a financial review, SWOT analysis, and preparing your own bid as a counter response. They also highlighted the various Self-Op Support Tools included in AHF’s resource library that have been developed by industry experts and proven effective for contractor threat responses.

This webinar was packed full of real-world tips and insights making it a must-watch for all self-op food management professionals.


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