RATIONAL USA Sponsors October Webinar on Intelligent Cooking

By Hillary Hutchins posted 11-07-2022 13:24


AHF’s most recent webinar, exclusively sponsored by RATIONAL USA, focused on intelligent cooking and how it can be used in healthcare kitchens. As we are all acutely aware, there are many challenges facing today’s operations, especially in the kitchen. With raising costs, staffing shortages, and high staff turnover, representatives from RATIONAL USA and two operators, discussed ways in which new technology can help overcome some of these challenges.

Webinar panelists discussed how intelligent cooking and new equipment technology can streamline kitchen processes and improve workflows, leading to better utilization of staff resources and digitized recipe management and food safety data. It can also help reduce food waste and help improve food quality and nutrition standards especially when newer employees who might have less experience in this area are a part of the team.

The operator panelists who were a part of the webinar provided real-world examples of how they’ve used new technologies in their kitchen and some of the challenges and successes it’s provided. If you’re interested in integrating intelligent cooking and new equipment technology into your kitchen, check out a recording of this webinar, found on AHF’s NEW Online Learning Center here.

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