How to keep operations afloat during a storm: An FSD's account

By Kent Hamaker posted 08-09-2018 10:27

By Leisa Bryant

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast of Texas last year, bringing a deluge of rain and damaging floods that left 30,000 people temporarily homeless and tens of thousands without power. At The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, more than a third of our 20,000 staff members had to evacuate or were personally affected in some way by the storm. During this trying time, our foodservice department was critical to feeding and comforting more than 1,300 patients, staff, clinicians and visitors.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there’s a 75% chance this year’s hurricane season will be in the normal or above normal range, which means many healthcare facilities are at risk and should be prepared for potentially destructive storms. Even outside hurricane zones, healthcare foodservice departments can benefit from what we learned about keeping patients, staff and even the community fed during a crisis.

Based on our experience, here are four things foodservice directors should keep in mind to successfully ride out any storm.

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