Reading Hospital's Marge Kipe looks back on her foodservice career

By Kent Hamaker posted 04-09-2019 13:20


By Benita Gingerella on Apr. 03, 2019

Marge Kipe came to Reading Hospital in West Reading, Pa., as a clinical dietitian in 1977. Since then, she has held numerous roles on the nutrition and dietetics team, finally becoming the hospital’s foodservice director, a position she’s held since 1987.

This year, she plans to retire. FoodService Director talked to her about how her role has evolved through the years and what tips she has for other operators.

Q: How has your role as foodservice director changed over the years?

Back in the day, when you came in the morning you had to call vendors and you had to make sure there would be food for tomorrow’s menu. Everything was very manual, and you were very much involved in what was happening at the cooking level. Gradually with technology, and certainly with the growth of the hospital and the growth of the health system over the years, the position grew and grew to where it is now. Where back then we might have been serving a half a million meals per year, it is now 2.8 million meals a year. 

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