2019 Top Achiever—Operator: Angelo Mojica, Senior Enterprise Director Food and Culinary Services, Johns Hopkins Health System

By Kent Hamaker posted 04-15-2019 08:38

 Written by Caroline Perkins

Johns Hopkins’ patients, employees and visitors benefit from Angelo Mojica’s vision. His lifelong love of food comes through loud and clear in his role as a healthcare operator. But, he might have taken a different career path if it hadn’t been for his brothers.

As the middle of five boys, Mojica grew up in the projects in Brooklyn, N.Y., where survival meant being tough. Mojica loved shopping and cooking with his mother. When he turned 16, he wanted a set of pots for his birthday. To this day he remembers the bruises his older brothers gave him when they learned Mojica had asked for pots.

That experience stuck with Mojica. When a high school guidance counselor asked what he liked to do in an effort to explore college options, he said, “I like to eat and cook.” The counselor said, “Well, you can be a chef or a dietician.” Guessing what his brothers’ response would be if he said chef, he chose to go to school to study dietetics.

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