Fast-paced Formats and Tech Topics on Tap at 2019 Noncommercial Foodservice Conferences

By Kent Hamaker posted 06-03-2019 12:24

May 28, 2019   Kelly Killian 

Tight budgets and organizational policies mean noncommercial foodservice operators typically must be very discerning when choosing what conferences to attend.

Just in time for the kickoff of the noncommercial conference season, FER has scoured through the agendas and interviewed the planners of the summer’s events for college and university, healthcare, K-12, business and industry and correctional foodservice operators.

Many of the 2019 conferences promise faster-paced speaker formats and insights on topics ranging from the design process to sustainability to technology. If purchasing or upgrading kitchen equipment or managing a new build or renovation are top priorities for your operation, here’s what you need to know.

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