AHF Members Talk Sustainability in Healthcare in 2019 FISH Talks

By Leah Reily posted 11 days ago

In 2019 AHF's new FISH Talks (Food, Innovation, Service, Hospitality) brought together experts from across the industry of self-operated healthcare foodservice to present thought-provoking 15-minute ted-talk style presentations during it's 2019 Annual Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. During AHF's inaugural FISH Talks, presenters Dan Henroid, Patti Dollarhide, Andrew Shakman, and Chris McCracken spoke to the growing focus on sustainability in healthcare foodservice. AHF's FISH Talks and panel discussion are available on it's YouTube Channel.

Join AHF at it's 11th Annual Conference on August 4-7, 2020 to catch the next FISH Talks and gain up to 15 continuing education credits. www.ahfconference.orgĀ 

Watch AHF's Inaugural FISH Talks Here