AHF Provides Resources & Guidelines on COVID-19 (Updated 04/02)

By Leah Reily posted 03-03-2020 15:25


Coronavirus_-_small.jpgUpdated April 2, 2020

We know our members are tracking the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (2019-nCoV). To that end, we have compiled the below resources and tools below. Furthermore, AHF business partners have begun sharing tools and resources that may be of value as you continue to plan. Check back to this blog post regularly as we will continue to add additional material or guidance as they are made available to us.

A discussion has also been launched on AHF’s Online Community. Join the conversation here.

Note: AHF is not a scientific or regulatory body, we are a national nonprofit association providing resources and support to self-operated healthcare and senior dining facilities. The information below is meant to help streamline your search for resources throughout this crisis. Facilities should continue to follow state and federal guidelines and work to do what is best for their facilities under the guidance of their leadership, infection control, and others as deemed necessary. 

AHF Materials and Resources

At a Glance Information from the CDC:

COVID-19: U.S. At a Glance*
Total Cases 186,101
Total Deaths 3,603
Jurisdictions Reporting Cases 55 (50 states, & the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Marianas, and US Virgin Islands)

*Content is updated daily and taken from the CDC COVID-19 tracking website. Please check the CDC website for the most up to date, accurate, data. AHF is reposting data here for easy at a glance reference. 

Page Quick Links: 

Streamlined Priority Resources

Operators if you need support for something, please check our BP Directory – AHF’s BPs are ready and waiting to lend you support during this challenging time: https://connect.healthcarefoodservice.org/resources/business-partner-directory

Known Length of time COVID-19 can live on surfaces

  • Stainless Steel and Plastic: While this is a new strain and a lot is still unknown it has been noted that it will live on a surface up to 72 hours if it is non-porous (Stainless steel or plastic).
  • Porous Surfaces: On porous items like cardboard boxes or cloth, it will only live for 24 hours.

Please check formal government websites such as the CDC for up to date information. The information about COVID-19 is rapidly changing and much is still unknown about this new strain of Coronavirus, these are our current known times it can live, but there has not been significant time to test.

Senior Dining Resources

Recordings, Videos, and Training

Sanitation Resources

Action Plans, Handouts, and Operating Guidance

Support from AHF Business Partners

Other Resources and Links

*If you have materials or resources to share please send links or documents to Ashley Harvey at aharvey@healthcarefoodservice.org for consideration and listing. We will continue to add documents as we review them.