Brookdale Hospital Celebrates National Nutrition Month

By Leah Reily posted 04-01-2021 13:45


Author: Patrick LaMont MBA, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center | March 31, 2021

The Food and Nutrition Services Department of the Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center celebrated National Nutrition Month in March with the theme “Personalize Your Plate.” There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health. Everyone is unique with different bodies, goals, backgrounds, and tastes! A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can tailor “healthful eating plans that are as special as you are.”

As part of the celebration, the facility had weekly webinars focusing on relevant nutrition topics. Topics included detecting adult malnutrition through a nutrition-focused physical exam, early enteral nutrition/safe start program, and finally nutrition and immunity with various participants from the primary care providers, to dietitians, to community members.

The facility had “Healthy Plate” raffle drawings in which people were invited to participate through the Brookdale News by submitting a photo of their healthiest plate. Four winners were selected from the submissions to receive food baskets and an additional four to receive gift bags.

Patrick LaMont, Director of Food and Nutrition for Brookdale, noted that everyone can “eat right and find a healthy eating routine by simply starting with small changes to make healthier choices that you can enjoy!”