Eskenazi Hospital Opens The Fresh for You Market

By Mina Shin posted 16 days ago


Why Eskenazi Hospital is opening a food market
Shari Rudavsky  |  Indianapolis Star  |  SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

Often as patients leave the hospital after a stay, they stop at the pharmacy to pick up medications prescribed for their recovery. Now at Eskenazi Health, they can stop by the hospital’s new market to pick up nutritious, healthy food to bring home with them.

The Fresh for You Market will cater not just to patients but also staff and anyone else who wants to shop there. In addition, Eskenazi health workers will be able to provide patients at risk of food insecurity with vouchers for purchases.

“A lot of our patients are living in food deserts. They’re doing their grocery shopping in a convenience store, some place that doesn’t provide them access to a lot of these food options,” said Seth Grant, Eskenazi’s director of food strategy and retail operations. “We’re really looking to break down the barriers that contribute to food insecurity.”

AHF is proud of their operator members at Eskenazi Hospital who innovate and make nutritious food accessible to their patients, staff, and community. Read the full article HERE.