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The Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF), is the only trade association created exclusively for self-operated healthcare food management professionals. AHF is governed by its members, and exists only to serve its member! We are dedicated to producing amazing meals and keeping our foodservice departments in-house and self-operated.

A Couple of Ground Rules.

AHF Operator Members are individuals and facilities that operate their own food and/or nutrition services in healthcare facilities—this includes dietitians, food service directors and staff, chefs and healthcare executives.

Operator members may not be employed by third party organizations who manage the food and/or nutrition service via an outside contractor.

Go to the Institutional (Operator) membership webpage to find out more about the cost savings of Institutional membership.  Contact AHF Staff if you belong to a larger health system and would like some additional information.

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When you join with us, we commit to support you and help you become a vital and indispensable member of your team. And in return, we need you to support us, to be active and engaged member.

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