Healthcare Foodservice Working to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy choice

By Kent Hamaker posted 05-15-2017 09:54


Three hospital foodservice directors share their experiences implementing healthy eating initiatives.

“San Francisco makes the healthy choice the easy choice,” reads the headline for a Reuters article about the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, which “[removed] all sugar-sweetened beverages from every store, cafeteria, food truck and restaurant on its sprawling campuses.” To boot, the city of San Francisco is working to make the move at all hospitals.

With local government and hospital administrators committing to the cause, it’s not a matter of whether to serve healthier food but rather how to do it. Do you create a customized program or work with a third-party organization? Do you launch an overarching program all at once or gradually make small changes? Are standards implemented in cafés only or in all locations where food is sold such as gift shops, pharmacies and vending? Which people and entities need to be involved for success?