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  • ​We recently completed a successful survey. Below is a recap of our visit. Life Safety Dating per policy Kitchen Sanitation Fire Safety (Interestingly, our surveyor did not question staff.) Check the dates on your chemical test strips. HOT with this ...

  • Hi Wanda, I worked with a system in the past and we tried a 12 hour shift at one of the hospitals. Shift A worked Sun, Mon, Tue and 7 hours on Wednesdays Shift B worked 7 hours on Wednesdays and Thurs, Fri, Sat It's a 40 hr week ...

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    RE: Joint Commission

    I can't directly help, but want to point out that Joint Commission prep will be an education session at the National Conference in August. It's a big reason we're bringing more leaders from my system this year. Hope you can make it! http://connect.healthcarefoodservice.org/conference/agenda/concurrent-education ...

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    Attention Operator Members!  If you plan to attend the NRA Show next weekend, join your AHF cohorts as we tour some of the most innovative brands in healthcare foodservice. AHF has scheduled two tours and an off-site breakfast for Operator members. Join us as we navigate our way through the Show and learn ways to innovate. Schedule ...

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