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    I work in a non military/non VA, room service hospital with a cafeteria that is in the range of 301-450 beds (we have 428 beds to be exact). I use AHF as a report to Administration and I am trying to convey the need of my staffing levels but according ...

  • We offer a comfort cart that is requested by the nurse manager. The specific unit is charged accordingly. The standard comfort tary consists of cookies,coffee and tea. If the nurse requests something different[not usual] we do comply withhte ...

  • We offer a Hospitality Tray.  The hospitality tray is provided for the immediate family  up to 15 family members.  We do honor more if requested.  Nursing will place the order from a selective hospitality menu.  Breakfast may consist of pre-made breakfast ...

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  • Webinar - Here's What AHF Can Do For You!

    Webinar - Here's What AHF Can Do For You!

    The Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) is the only association in the U.S. serving self-operated acute and LTC healthcare foodservice facilities. AHF is made up of dietitians, nutritionists, managers, chefs, business partners, and more, making ...

  • Webinar - AHF Website Overview

    Webinar - AHF Website Overview

    This 30 minute webinar will give you an overview of the new AHF website; how to log on, create your profile, navigate, participate in communities, and more. Welcome and enjo

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