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  • ​We had a one for several years and had a third party (our vending company at the time) responsible, negotiated a lease which was profitable for us.  It was popular with staff and visitors, however Indiana state health regulations do not have a provision ...

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    micro markets

    ​Hi, We are looking at options for micro markets in our system.  If anyone is using a third party provider, does your arrangement include any type of commission, lease or shared risk/reward model?  If you are doing your own market, I'd appreciate information ...

  • This article from Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has a pretty thorough layout of how to do a productivity study, plus their benchmark numbers. When our facility did it using this method, we found it underestimated what we feel is ...

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    Information webinar for all members of the 2017-18 AHF committees.

  • Webinar - Innovations in Food Service Savings

    Providing excellent quality food and hospitality while keeping costs down is a constant challenge for healthcare foodservice operations. Fortunately we have AHF members who are putting into practice methods for doing exactly this.

    Join us for a webinar that will look at some of the best practices for preventing waste ...

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