HC Innovator of the Year: Sanford Health

By Kent Hamaker posted 02-01-2018 08:48


A new main hospital and the conversion of the old one to a cancer care center gave the dining team at Sanford Health a chance to design and open retail outlets with flair and construct an efficient centralized kitchen.

Rare is the hospital dining department that gets enough funds for a complete makeover—or even an almost-complete makeover—but that is what the in-house dining operation at Sanford Health in Fargo, N.D., got as part of the healthcare system’s adding a major new facility on the city’s outskirts. Sanford’s dining department used the rare opportunity to not only modify—but totally transform—its operations.

In the new main hospital facility, which opened July 25th when it received most of the patients transferred from the original main hospital downtown, the department implemented a suite of three premier restaurant concepts it developed in-house, plus a hybrid c-store also of its own design.

Meanwhile, the production kitchen in Sanford’s existing main hospital facility in downtown Fargo received an overhaul and expansion that will allow it to serve the entire network efficiently and cost-effectively with key menu items and components. Also added at that hospital were two new restaurant concepts, including a sit-down venue designed to serve the needs of a particular demographic that the hospital will now be serving.

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