What to Wear

Day One - Tuesday: Frontier Rendezvous on Nicolett Island 

What is a Frontier Rendezvous?

The AHF Opening Reception: Frontier Rendezvous on Nicollet Island is a lively party on the historic Nicolltt Island overlooking water falls, venerable flour mills and the Minneapolis skyline. There will be lumberjack demonstrations, complete with logrolling, speed climbing, and block chop competitions. A shuttle will bring attendees from the Hyatt Regency to Nicollet Island. The Rendezvous will begin with a reception, followed by dinner, entertainment and square dancing.

What to Wear?

Women: Attire is western wear. Denim and canvas skirts and jeans. Tunics, light flannel, plaid and gingham shirts. Boots and beaded moccasins. Silver and turquoise jewelry. Stylish sun bonnets and cowboy hats are customary, but not required. 

Men: Animal skins are always de rigueur at a rendezvous, however, summer flannel, plaid, gingham or over-sized shirts over a henley t-shirt makes an appropriate statement. Denim or canvas jeans. Boots or moccasins are recommended. 

Note: Leather knife belts are historically accurate, but please leave all weapons, ammunition and firearms back at the homestead. Thank ya kindly! 

Day Two - Wednesday:

Day: Business Casual Attire (Note: No theme for the AHF Marketplace Exhibit Hall)

Evening: Late Night Mix & Mingle at The Local Tavern 

Theme: Catch up with your favorite people and let your hair down

Day Three - Thursday:

Day: Business Casual Attire

Evening: Industry First Celebration! (Formerly Awards Gala)

Theme: Dress for the nightclub

Women: Cocktail attire

Men: Jackets required

Day Four - Friday:

Day: Travel Attire/Business Casual