General Session Speakers

Tuesday, August 15th – Pre-Conference

Presenter: Patrick Donadio

Communicating with IMPACT: 6 Step Process to Revolutionize Your Words into Results
Communications expert Patrick Donadio’s hands-on workshop teaches the “Communicating with IMPACT” process to communicate more effectively—with improved results. Learn the 6-step IMPACT process and develop skills to transform your communication:

  • Uncover the common communication barriers and how to avoid them
  • Identify the four basic communication styles and how to adapt to each
  • Master five active listening skills to help you stay focused and check for understanding
  • Explore two ways to summarize a conversation that reduce communicate errors
  • Transform words into actions and actions into results
  • Improved communications enhances relationships, empowers others, builds teams, manages change and gives better service.

Limited Seats Available
Session attendees will receive Mr. Donadio’s new book: Communicating with Impact
Cost: $25

Presenter: Liz Boone

Liz has been a Project Manager for Corporate Dining, Inc. since 2015. She was the former executive Director of Nutrition Services at Aultman Hospital, an inner city acute-care 804-bed hospital. She has a BS in Dietetics/Nutrition from Ohio University and MBA Healthcare Admin from Regis University. Awards include the Presidential Special Service Award for Benchmarking from Association of Healthcare Foodservice, where she has been the Benchmarking Chair for 3+ years, and the Illuminating Excellence Award from Premier (GPO) for demonstrated excellence in the food service field. Liz is responsible for the Assoc. of Health Care Foodservices Benchmarking Express Program, FoodMark program and has performed work at Capital One, Intuit and PASSHE Universities.

Wednesday, August 16th

Presenter: Mark Sanborn

Leading the Revolution…What to Do Now!
Mark is the president of Sanborn & Associates, an idea lab for leadership development. Mark is the author of the book, You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader: How Anyone, Anywhere Can Make a Positive Difference. Mark’s new book, The Potential Principle: A Proven System for Closing the Gap Between How Good You Are and How Good You Could Be, will debut shortly after the AHF Annual Conference. Mark will explore “what to do” when you’re Leading the Revolution. 

Presenter: Maggie Hsu

Work Culture Revolution- Why staff Engagement Matters?
Maggie is an advisor at Zappos. As Zappos eschews job titles, hierarchy and boundaries… it’s difficult to define Maggie’s role at Zappos. However, she is a work culture revolutionary. Maggie is funny and has the reputation—and record—of managing transformation. Armed with a Harvard MBA and her entrepreneurial expertise, Maggie is reimagining hospitality, wellness, and healthy travel.

Thursday, August 17th

Presenter: John Maketa

Demographics and Impact – Charting the Course the Course Through Demographic Change
John Maketa is senior business strategist, author, and executive coach focusing on 21st century skill development. John works for Pearson TalentLens as the Director of Strategy and Innovation where he leads initiatives designed to develop skills for next generation leaders.  John will discuss demographics and their impact on our business today.   John is also a co-author of his latest book, Leading with Vision: The Leader's Blueprint for Creating a Compelling Vision and Engaging the Workforce released this year.  

Presenter: Ethan Brosowsky

Healthcare Reform: Beyond the ACA.  What's Next?

Ethan Brosowsky is a Senior Director and a national spokesperson for the Advisory Board Company, a for-profit, publicly-traded research, technology, and consulting firm serving more than 4,400 leading hospitals and health systems. As a national spokesperson for the Advisory Board Company, Ethan Brosowsky presents the firm’s research findings on frontier strategic and clinical best practices. His areas of study include general hospital administration and management, health system economics, and health policy. Ethan is a lecturer for the flagship Health Care Advisory Board program, the Health Care Industry Committee, the HR Advancement Center, the Post-Acute Care Collaborative, as well as the Physician Practice Roundtable.

Friday, August 18th

Presenter: Rebekah Gregory

Giving More than Expected: How Service Heals
Rebekah Gregory’s life was forever changed due to the events of the Boston marathon bombings on April 15, 2013.This act of terrorism left her permanently handicapped at the age of twenty six. Rebekah has spent weeks in and out of hospitals—she knows the discouraging days of pain and despair, and she also knows the thrill of progress and breakthroughs. Rebekah will share how the professionals that provided food and nutrition helped her to truly heal and find a new optimism. Let’s learn why Rebekah believes "with every new day comes new hope".

Presenter: Colonel Joe Ricciardi, PhD

The Brave Lead with Love
While Joe was preparing to lead a team of over 1000 Soldiers to Afghanistan he was gently advised that the most important thing he could do as a leader in combat was to truly love his Soldiers.  He was so moved by the concept of love and leadership that he set out on a three year journey studying the topic at Benedictine University’s Center for Values-Driven Leadership. His seminal research proved that the three factors of love – intimacy, passion and commitment – display a strong positive correlation to how leaders are perceived. In an emotional and thought provoking presentation, he will show how to leverage intimacy, passion and commitment to make a positive and lasting impact at the individual, team and organizational levels.