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Information and payment options for the 2024 Annual symposium on March 7, 2024, can be found under Events/Annual Symposium

Annual Symposium - Philadelphia South Jersey Chapter (healthcarefoodservice.org)

Our long time Members Mary and Tom Cooley along with Karen Eich Drummond wrote a comprehensive textbook on Foodservice management. Tom was invited onto a podcast hosted by longtime AHF business partner and member John Herzog from DM & A. The Philadelphia South Jersey Chapter of AHF is grateful to the years of service given by both Mary and Tom and congratulate them on the completion of what is a comprehensive guide to the world of institutional food service.

Podcast: Tom Cooley - dm&a (destination10.com)

THE PSJ-AHF is always looking for new board members. Even if there are not active seats available members can participate in a number of ways that will introduce you to the board members and the activities the chapter engages in.  If you have interest in the chapter and opportunities for engagement please email Brian Dixson (badixson@geisinger.edu) or Joseph Ludwig (joseph.ludwig@towerhealth.org). One opportunity is involvement with our Advisory Board headed by Erik Schunk and Scott Greenly. That is a great spot to learn how the Philadelphia-South Jersey AHF chapter operates and how it can help members in their professional development.

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