General Sessions

Wednesday, August 7th

Opening Keynote

Presenter: Kindra Hall
Session Description: 
Coming soon!


GEN X’ERS, MILLENNIALS, and IGENS, OH MY! Lead your multi-generational workforce with a culture of engagement

Presenter: Dr. Anthony Baffo, DSL
Session Description: 
Many organizations today have an employee base that spans four generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials (Gen Y), and now Generation Z or the IGEN. While some would look at this as a perfect storm of generation gaps, savvy managers view it as a unique opportunity to enhance productivity. Engaged managers who create a respectful and open-minded environment will experience a more vibrant workplace and can expect to see better results and higher customer or patient experience outcomes.

In this session, participants can expect to:

  • Tailor your leadership style, communication, feedback, rewards, and staff development techniques with individual’s frame of reference
  • Disregard generational stereotypes
  • Develop a multi-generational culture of engagement


The Future of Food: Health, Flavor, and the New Consumer

Presenters: Marie Molde

Session Description: Datassential reveals what makes the modern consumer tick – their attitudes toward healthy eating, preferences for new foods & flavors, and generational shifts in taste. This session explores the booming functional foods trend and the impact of changing demographics on what consumers love to eat and drink. Learn how to combine healthiness, global flavors, and on-trend foods into offerings that your consumers will crave.

Thursday, August 8th

Being Courageous for Patients and Families

Presenter: Dr. Janet Porter, PhD
Session Description: Janet Porter, PhD, the former COO of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and IHI faculty, is a national leader in patient and family engagement. She will talk about the seven patient experience accelerators that can dramatically improve your ability to exceed the expectations of patients and families and staff.



FISH Talks (Food Innovation Service Hospitality)

Presenters:  Chris McCracken & Andrew Shackman
Session Description: 
Need to be inspired about making changes and finding solutions to your challenges?  AHF has added a new speaker format to provide this inspiration that we’re calling them Food Innovation Service Hospitality (FISH) talks.  Our first FISH panel will focus on sustainability including the:

  • Role of the healthcare industry on climate,
  • Effect of climate change on agriculture,
  • Importance of reducing food waste, and
  • Impact of healthcare foodservice operators can make to meet sustainability goals. 

Come find out from leading experts and peers how you and your teams can make a difference serving your patients and customers while improving the planet!


A Celebration a Day - 365 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Workplace

Presenter:  Scott Friedman
Session Description: “Celebrate!” helps organizations create happier, healthier, more connected workplaces. With lighthearted humor, engaging interaction, and the latest relevant research and examples, Scott illustrates how to create a culture of innovation and celebration. Discover how turning on your “GPS”—Gratitude, Play and Surprise—will guide you and your organization  toward increased productivity, better team performance and a happier, more profitable future.